Terms & Conditions


By using the website in whatsoever manner, including but not restricted to browsing or visiting the site, you (“the user” or “the customer”) agree to bound by the rules of this terms and conditions agreement. This agreement is applicable to all the users of the website (local or international).

Any product bought from the Website of Kidz n Kidz cannot be refund, replaced or exchanged from any of the Kidz n Kidz store or outlet. However, to claim a refund, return, or exchange you can contact through Kidz n Kidz digital platforms and it would be done as per the Rules and regulations.

Third Party Seller.

Kidz n Kidz is a multi-vendor selling platform. However, Kidz n Kidz ensures the quality of product and is liable as communication agent between its buyers and sellers for mishaps.


Once the user has purchased any single or multiple items from the official website of Kidz N Kidz, he or she can return the purchased item(s) only if the items are unwashed, unworn, or unused. The management of Kidz N Kidz official website will not accept any return request if the items are not received in the conditions mentioned in this statement.

To return item(s) purchased from the website (www.kidznkidz.pk), the user(s)/customer(s) must send back the item(s) that he or she wishes to return within  14 days from the ‘complaint date’. However, this duration is applicable to all the user(s)/customer(s) within Pakistan. On the contrary, the international user(s)/customer(s) are permitted to return purchased item(s) within 45 days from the order date. Kidz N Kidz will not accept the returned item(s) from the local or international user(s)/customer(s) if the item(s) has reached after the given duration.

User(s)/customer(s) will bear all the expenses that will be required for returning the purchased item(s) through a courier service of his or her choice. By no means, Kidz N Kidz website is liable to pay for the return expense. However, the return charges can be similar to those at the time of checkout when the item(s) was purchased.

In case of any mishap by company side, e.g. size issue or color difference. Kidz n Kidz will be responsible for it and its return back charges.

Kidz N Kidz website will not refund any amount once the item(s) is purchased. Only the favor of exchange will be given to the user(s)/customer(s) if the item(s) is returned within the duration mentioned in this return/exchange/refund rules. (No longer needed)

The user(s)/customer(s) must make sure that the item(s) he or she wishes to return must be received by us in an original condition (in the condition in which the item(s) was sent). This includes all the necessary components of the packaging, such as packing labels, hand tags, hanger(s), etc. If any item(s) is received with a loss of any packaging component, then it will be considered as a violation of return/exchange/refund rules. In this condition, the website is not liable to return or exchange any item(s).

These return/exchange/refund rules (policies) are only for the customer(s) who will purchase item(s) from the website (www.kidznkidz.pk). Under no circumstances, the item(s) will be accepted for exchange if not purchased from this website, although purchased from the physical outlet of Kidz N Kidz. We will only entertain our online user(s)/customer(s) for this or any other purpose.


Once the user has ordered any item or items from the official website of Kidz N Kidz, the team will take 2 to 3 business days to dispatch the desired order.

The user or users are advised to order any item(s) according to the size chart from the Kidz N Kidz website. The size selected by the user will be delivered on the given address. In case of any mistake in the selection of the size from the customer, Kidz N Kidz is not responsible.

If any user(s)/customer(s) has ordered the item(s) by selecting the size from the size chart, but if the size is unavailable at the time of dispatching, then Kidz N Kidz has the right to cancel the order, or the management of Kidz N Kidz will contact the user(s).

The item(s) will be delivered on the address provided by the user(s). The same address will be shown to the user(s) at the time of check out. It is the responsibility of the user(s) to provide the correct delivery address and confirm it at the time of check out.

Any user(s) without the provision of the required contact details will not be able to order any item(s). Therefore, the user(s) must provide complete contact details (address, phone number, mobile number, email, etc.) to avoid any inconvenience.

The company (Kidz N Kidz) is not answerable or responsible for unsuccessful delivery of the selected product(s) ordered by any user(s) if the information or contact details provided are misleading, or false, regardless of intentions of the user(s).

‘TCS’ is the official courier partner for delivering any product(s) ordered from the official website of Kidz N Kidz within Pakistan. The company does not partner with any other courier company. Kidz N Kidz will mention in the delivery policy, if, in the future, the company will use any other courier service for delivering the products.

At the time of receiving the order through ‘Cash on Delivery’ (COD) service, Pakistani customers are advised to only pay the ‘TOTAL’ amount to the courier delivery person. Kidz N Kidz will not be responsible if any user(s)/customer(s) pay any excessive/extra amount to the courier delivery person, regardless of intentions. Under no circumstances, the company is liable to refund any extra amount paid to the courier service representative.

For international users, the parcel delivery charges/shipping charges will be mentioned at the time of check out. However, the charges may vary due to geographical locations.

Kidz N Kidz may also charge ‘extra handling charges’ from the international customers, as per requirement. The extra handling charges are not applicable to all the customers living outside Pakistan. These charges are not included as shipping charges, and the international customer(s) are required to pay separately. The information for paying extra handling charges will be given to the customers by our representatives. Therefore, in order to receive the extra handling charges, the company will contact that specific customer(s).


In case, the customer(s) has paid online but not received the order, and the delivery time has also exceeded, then it is advisable to contact Kidz N Kidz immediately within 24 hours. On receiving the claim, the company will respond between 48 hours (business days).

Any used, washed, or worn item(s) cannot be claimed.

Any product(s)/item(s) purchased on a fixed price can be claimed if it is first washed.

No claim is acceptable on any purchased accessory/accessories.

Any damaged item(s) cannot be claimed.

Any item(s) purchased from Kidz N Kidz official website, which is or was on ‘sale’ or ‘discount’ offer is not claimable by the user(s)/customer(s).


All the activities by the user or users while using WWW.KIDZNKIDZ.Pk must be according to the legal regulations. The information or details provided to Kidz N Kidz must not violate Terms and Conditions. Therefore, user/users are requested to avoid the following activities:

  • Provision of inaccurate, false, or misleading information
  • Copy or modify any part of the website or the items available on it for personal or commercial use
  • Damage the website of Kidz N Kidz by any means


Kidz N Kidz reserves all the right to cancel or modify these ‘Terms and Conditions’ for any reason and at any time with or without a notice period. The company also has all the rights to suspend, delete, or block the access or account or both, of any user at any time.