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Oct 12 , 2020


Womens Fashion - Designers Women Clothing - New Styles & Trends in Pakistan - Online Womens Clothing Store

Women's Fashion

New season, new wardrobe. As the temperatures continue to rise, have your style and revamp your racks with fresh, elevated summer looks. You will be relieved to know there is no shortage of summer outfit inspiration, and we are just thinking of all the looks to try when the season finally heats up. From bright colors to matching separates, this season’s hottest trends and warm-weather-ready outfit ideas below are ready to inspire your closet.

We all know that when it comes to fashion and trends, what goes around comes around. The good news is that if you are in need of summer style inspiration and your I, you can look back to the ladies who wore your favorite summer looks first. Without further Ado let’s hum straight into the looks trending this 2020

  • Go baggy

An oversized jean paired with a top or a oversized shirt paired with a fitted pant will make you feel chic and trendy.

Try a Splash of Purple.

Summer time is perfect for wearing vibrant colors. Try on a purple top to make your self-shine in the sunlight.

  • Football Sleeves

This is a new fashion trend that has emerged in 2020 A puff-sleeve white shirt which is better known as football sleeves in the way to go if you are a fashion freak.

  • Stripes

Wearing strip prints will give you the confidence you’ve always wanted. Stripes t-shirt with a dark colored jeans and we promise you will make heads turn.

  • All-white

All-white looks has been trending not only in women’s 2020 fashions but also in Men. Try out a all white assemble from head to toe and pair it with white Sneakers to pull it off look nicely.

  • Go Graphic

Graphic T-shirts paired with a dark denim are what screams 2020. Graphic tees are your friend for music festivals, hangouts, and more.

  • Code Red

Code red is for ladies who are confident enough to wear it bold. If you haven’t tried an all red outfit yet, do it right now and you will absolutely fall in love with it.

  • Floral designs

Floral designs will make you bloom. Try out floral printed dresses and shirts to achieve a perfect summer spring look.

  • Minty Green

Another color that is emerging this 2020 as a trend is the color mint green. Not all can pull off this color but this color paired with some accessories can make you stand out.

  • Oversized Victorian Sleeves

Take it back to the 19th century with the Victorian-inspired sleeves. Its oversized shape creates the illusion of a slimmer waist and adds an instant feminine touch to your ensemble.


Pairing colors can either make or break your outfit. So, it’s only natural to feel a little uneasy when experimenting with new tones. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain old combinations.

Here, we take you through a variety of color-coordinated looks that will excite and enhance your style. From bold green and yellow outfits to chic pink and grey ensembles that are trending in 2020, these stylish ideas will teach you how to wear bold colors without clashing. Here are the clothing color combinations you need to try this year.

  • Green and Yellow

There’s nothing crisper than the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer day, and this color combination is just that.

Fresh and clean, green and yellow looks great on any complexion. If you want to brighten up your outfit, you can add bright Yellow and iridescent greens. If you want to tone down your outfit a little bit focus on mustard, khaki and dark green.

  • Pale Blue and Pink

Nothing says spring more than pastels. Soft pinks and blues may sound a bit odd, but when styled in the right way, they can be as eye-catching as a bright pop of color. This color combination will remind you of the soft scent of jasmine and a warm spring breeze.

  • Red and Blue

The red and blue color combination is one of all-time favorite looks. We love how you can completely transform a pair of jeans with a tailored red jacket and killer heels. It smartens up a casual look.

  • Orange and Blue

Orange and blue are the perfect color combination to use for a color blocking technique. Pair blue pants and add an orange top or choose a piece that mixes the perfect blend of both colors.

If you are in a mood to try something different, opt for a burnt orange mix with a darker navy blue. Whichever way you choose to wear these shades, be sure to add the perfect shoe. A lighter shade shoe will give just the right emphasis to your outfit and tie all the brightness together into one lovely sunrise.

  • Tan and Maroon

Tans is a light neutral color that can be hard to style but if you style them with a deep rich color like maroon, you will have a match made in heaven.

  • Orange and Black

Whether it’s a dress that perfectly combines this brilliant color combination or individual items, orange and black, is the new black. Nothing lifts a black outfit more than a bright, bold color and orange certainly does it.

You can certainly pull of a bright colored pant and a black top to complete this look.

  • Pink and Grey

Pink and grey is a great look which you can wear all-year-round. There are no limitations with the way that you can use this clothing color combination. A dark grey pant with a soft pink top can look as equally complimentary.

  • Purple and Coral

Coral has now taken its place as one of the most versatile shades. Wearing purple and coral with confidence will make the perfect summer outfit.

Coral is flattering for all skin tones, and the deep rich tones of purple give it just the right amount of contrast to ensure it’s not too striking. Try a coral top matched with a bright purple bag or shoe and break it up a little with some gold accessories.

  • Purple and White

While white goes with anything, nothing looks more fantastic than when it’s paired with purple. It makes your skin look creamy, and it just oozes femininity and sensuality. This marriage is so versatile that you can also mix in some gold and silver accessories and convert a daytime high tea look to a night out with friends.

 Bright yellow and red are the most noticeable colors. Yellow reflects a lot of light, so it grabs attention quickly but can wear your eyes out. Red also stands out because of the intense emotional response it can create – it’s a powerful color.

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