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We understand being a parent is not an easy job. The personality we own is commonly reflected by the attire we wear. Let’s be honest. We always think about children first in every aspect no matter what happens. Nowadays, our kids are more conscious about the attire they wear than ever before, they hate to repeat to repeat a dress. Our prince or princess  always wants to be dressed in stylish and up-to-date dresses.

We are progressing really fast in society and the trends keep on changing through out the seasons. There are trends that we follow in order to blend ourselves and our kids in the society. If we talk about the ongoing trends there are many like floral prints trend, denim , logo etc. But let us tell you one thing, TRADITIONAL DRESSES ARE NEVER OUT OF STYLE!!

Talking about Traditional dresses our Pakistani traditional dress are to die for in every season and they always keep you looking fresh and classy. Many people also believe that our traditional clothes represent our identity and Pakistani culture Traditional Pakistani dresses signify unity, It represents our culture and traditions in the most beautiful way as possible. Salwar kameez, lehngas, ghagras, you name it and everyone looks classy in Traditional wear no matter what. It always takes a leading position. There are also certain occasions when traditional clothes are a must. There are occasions like weddings and other cultural functions when the graceful traditional clothes will add color and gaiety to the occasion.

There are certain occasions where it is more practical to wear clothes from other countries or the clothes which are trending but there are certain other occasions when traditional clothes will be ideal. Special occasions like weddings, engagement,Eid-ul-Fitr,We all feel a need of special traditional kids wear to dress our little ones distinctively.

 The trends in Traditional dresses in Pakistan, there are always adding a hint of modernism to our graceful attire. Be it a young girl or a boy, it is a task to dress children in traditional wear. So let’s talk about the ongoing trends in Traditional attires for both of our precious little children. A beautiful Girl and  A handsome boy.

Traditional dresses are not only made up of heavy embroidery and materials, they are also most of the times embellished and the fabric can not be comfortable for children, but oh my we can’t stop adoring our children in Traditional dresses. These days there are many varieties for children too when it comes to ethnic wear. However, comfort plays a very important role in dressing up kids.

Kurtas are the best option for kids in terms of traditional dressing. It is necessary to keep in mind the occasion. Even in kurtas there are innumerable styles to choose from. However, kids need not overdress in terms of traditional clothing. A blend of traditional and contemporary is apt for.

Traditional  clothing for Girls – Kids Wear Trends


These are the latest trends we see on small girls as well as on teen girls. Pair up a Dhoti shalwar or dhoti pants with short kameez, short Antalkali peplum top, or a kurta Is what trends. The Girls dhoti suits are most trending in girl’s fashion style.


The lehngas  is the favorite apparel worn during the festivities and special occasions When it comes to  especially little girl, definitely lehngas  is the perfect attire, which is available in so many designs and is always trendy.


Gharara is a classic Pakistani Traditional Dress worn by woman of all ages and when it comes to a beautiful little girl, you can’t help but to adore how beautiful they look in this classy attire.


We have all seen our pretty girls in frocks, but when it comes to full gher-frocks with

churidar, there is no comparison left! Vibrant colors are in trend and frocks paired with flower jewelry looks Absolutely gorgeous.


If you are dreaming to see your girl dressed up as a princess, Gowns in beautiful drapes and fabric concepts giving the girls a perfect princess look, brings your precious girls to be stylish and elegant. Gown are a look which gives a glamorous and stunned effective look on the little angels.


A dupatta can give a traditional touch to any outfit. The combination of a kurta, pajama and a dupatta is simple yet trendy. You can play with the colors of the dupatta to give our baby girl a vibrant and cute look.

Traditional Clothing for Boys – Kids Wear Trends


Kids sherwani is mostly worn as a traditional wear for boys and hence it comes in various  styles and patterns. It is generally embellished with sequins work, precious collar and cuffs which adds grace and charm to your baby boy.


The Waistcoat with shalwar kameez is another Pakistani classic traditional and it looks absolutely stunning and powerful on boys. Trendy waistcoats are same of that of men  Where the waistcoat may have the new cut of an asymmetric style of opening or hem cuts.


Kurta suits are normally an ongoing trend for boys fashion. This combination is a classic. crisp kurta with a denim is very modern and trendy approach on kurta. Your baby boy will look absolutely handsome in this.


This is a very unique and trendy twist on kurta, by pairing it with a pant and jacket. This give a very attractive yet traditional look on kurta.


Teaming up kurta with dhoti is very common attire but is trending. THE combination of kurta and dhoti pants is very much in vogue. Moreover, this attire is also comfortable by all means. You will see a new side of grown up boy In this attire.


Boys silk kurta suits or the cotton pathani suits are classic trends and picks for boys. it is new and trendy for you little boy to look really handsome in this.

Best color combinations for kids

Choosing the right color for a dresses  can be very confusing because these are available in almost all shades and tones. When it comes to buying for the right combination of colors, there are a few things which need attention like the time of the event, the occasion, the weather, the material etc.

After giving you an insight of these trendy and fashionable Traditional attire combinations, check out some of  best color combinations.

Black and golden

This right here is the classic and the most trendy color combination that never looses. The brightness of the black and the shine of golden will make your boy look handsome and your girl really attractive.

All shades of Yellow

There are several shades in yellow and this color is suitable for kids, as they look more vibrant and prominent in yellow. There are many shades of yellow from you can make combinations. Yellow lehngas, yellow kurta just imagine your kids in them!

Red and white

A red kurta goes amazingly well with a white pajama or a dhoti pant. And with for your baby girl white frock and red dupatta.  Red in itself is a very vibrant color so in order to balance it out, white works well. This combination is perfect for weddings and festivals.

 Blue and beige

Navy blue kurta, and beige bottom for little one will be great for evening events. Navy blue color provides a sense of attraction and beige compliments it very well.

Light pink and light cream

Light pink flowered Patten gowns and cream kurtas are so in trend right now. This would be an appropriate outfit for daytime events. Also, this combination is perfect for summer because of the colors.

Occasions To Wear Traditional attire

 Though it is difficult to dress kids in traditional outfits, with easy-going kurtas and light weight frocks for you doll will solve this hassle. Traditional outfits on your kids will make them the apple of eye for everyone and there isn’t any specific occasion for these dresses they rock every occasion they are wore on. Below are some of the occasion:


Traditional attires look best for festivals. When it comes to festivals these attires are a perfect choice. Traditional dresses are comfy and also convey a smart sense of style


Be it a wedding ceremony or a event, Traditional dresses are pleasant to wear. Be it young boys or girls, you can dress up your kids in on of these styles and they will look extremely chic. Moreover, they are easy to handle and maintain and for perfect traditional wears. Additionally, this attire can be worn for other wedding functions too like mehndi, mayoon etc.

Engagement ceremony

Engagement ceremonies are quite light and beautiful. The best way to dress appropriately for the same is to Dre’s up your children in bright colors and light weight traditional dresses. The trends we introduced you too can be your life back on this event.


Another trend that can give a trendy twist to your Traditional wear as a family. A family look or a mother-daughter or father-son combination of  fashion for kids is the latest hyped trend of the decade. The internet is over flowing with the this trend and not only mother’s but fathers also opt for this trend.  Mothers are one step ahead in everything when it comes to children and they have been adopting new trends. They keep themselves up to date as well as their family to make them a style icon and trendsetter.

On the contrast Father’s being the head of the family are taking great interest in matching outfits with their sons and they look absolutely handsome. Same colors, same attires, or a theme will add another spin to your kids as well as your family. This trend has strengthen bonds in families as Father and son wear the same Traditional attire you can’t help but to admire option


You are now ready to upgrade your child’s armoire and make him into a emerging fashionista then KIDZ N KIDZ is a place to be. When it comes to children apparels, Kids N Kids is known to be the trend-setter. We believe in providing a exemplary quality of products to our customers, as we are always found to be inspired by the latest fashion trends in the children wear industry. make your child a trendsetter! No matter which style you select see to it that your child is comfortable with the material and the style. Serving you with outlets all over Pakistan We make it easier for you to choose what’s best for your little ones. Also, it is not essential to follow the trends blindly, it is best to make use of your own creativity too to mix and match any two styles. Give a new twist to the mundane kurta styles and make your child a fashionista.


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