Sapphire - Unstitched - Ready to Wear - No.1 Clothing Brand In Pakistan

Oct 08 , 2020


Sapphire - Unstitched - Ready to Wear - No.1 Clothing Brand In Pakistan


Sapphire Retail is a Pakistani high-street clothing retailer & ready-to-wear, unstitched and haute couture. Sapphire truly serves luxury by Haute couture which is high-end fashion that is made by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality & expensive fabric. Sapphire pays special attention to the details and their fabric is seen by the most experienced and capable sewers. The sapphire clothing line is made with hand-executed techniques, which make it even more beautiful and appealing. Sapphire is celebrated for combining 100% Hugh quality fabric with fabulous design to create a designer wear at an affordable price. Sapphire's combination of exquisite design and high-class fabric makes it one of a kind retail brand. Sapphire’s commitment to quality fabric over the years has made it a household name in Pakistan all this achieved with excellence. Sapphire is a brand that attracts many with its stunning designs on pure fabrics. Sapphire has reached the heights of popularity by offering amazing sales with hefty discounts, as well as the unmatched qualities of their fabrics. Among these old classic designer brands, Sapphire is a prominent name. This year Sapphire made a summer comeback with a bang as it introduced its Spring Summer Lawn Collection, Sapphire has now been a staple for Pakistani women.

Sapphire is subsidiary to public limited company Sapphire Textile. Sapphire was founder by Nabil Abdullah in 2014. Sapphire textile is on of the largest names in the textile industry. Sapphire Textile is a Pakistani textile company, which is based in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a vertically integrated textile group, manufacturing cotton yarn, fabric, and finished garments.

Sapphire is known for offering clothing for every member of the house, women, men, or the kids, which makes it the go-to shopping stores, which are also available online. Sapphire offers extensive collection that features both ethnic wear, as well as western-inspired outfits, A perfect place for any type of style preference. Alongside the casual, as well as formal wear clothing, some of the other items offered by Sapphire includes sleepwear, winter wear, bed sheets, towels, table linen, fragrances, bags, shoes, scarves, and much more.

Sapphire range of clothing has something for everyone: Daily wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics, scarves and unstitched fabric. Sapphire indulges a very attractive theme in their collection and also makes affordable designer clothes available for the masses. Sapphire hopes and aims you to enjoy wearing their masterpieces as much as sapphire loves making them for you!

Sapphire launches multiple lawn collections every year, where each collection becomes an instant hit and usually gets sold out very quickly. Sapphire has its own way of getting a place in your heart by serving you with everything this summer. Sapphire cherishes summer because to the summer lawn collection. The Sapphire Summer Lawn Collection 2020 is launched for the hot weather of 2020, which carries some of the coolest color combinations you will get to see in any lawn collection. Sapphire Brings to you with over 70 different designs and prints to offer. At sapphire the variety present is amazing, giving you the opportunity to browse through the selection to find a stunning and beautiful women’s dresses. Sapphire let’s you choose your favorite designs available in 2 color options. At Sapphire you choose what suits you best and matches your style.

The Sapphire lawn collection is created with a mix of high-quality lawn fabrics, as well as other materials like jacquard, cotton net, karandi, chiffon, cotton, silk, organza, dobby, and others. Sapphire features a wide array of Kurtis, two-piece, and three-piece suits. Sapphire’s diversity is also present in the price point as well. Sapphire believes in designing something with absolute excellence and hence the color selection at Sapphire is quite incredible and you can find all the colors that you can think of in the Sapphire lawn collection, ranging from light summery hues to deep rich tones.

Sapphire Spring Summer Lawn Collection has combined the elegance with bold cuts with vibrancy. The color palette is unique as compared to their previous lawn collections and has a certain wow factor to it. Sapphire have chosen the most amazing and high quality lawn material so that the prints, as well as the underlying patterns, liven up without looking tacky.

Every year Sapphire launches a collection, whether it be summer or winters, the Sapphire collection, not only pre-books before hitting the shelves but also sells out quickly after being sticker in the stores.

Sapphire’s collection is a work of art and It assure you get what you want here are the 3 top favorite ones:

  • Sapphire Spring Summer Lawn – Wood Cut

Whoever says black is not a summer color, Sapphire would like to prove them wrong. Sapphire express the potential of black color with the help of its talented designers. Sapphire’s gorgeous black monochrome ladies dress with a subtle touch of light brown hues to it is one of the best sellers. This dress can be rocked at many casual occasions.

  • Sapphire Spring Summer Lawn – Turkish Day

At Sapphire summer is about vibrant colors, orange is considered the new black. Keeping that in mind, this utterly flawless white Pakistani dress with a bold orange color cut on the shirt piece is going to make a statement.

  • Sapphire Spring Summer Lawn – English Rose

Sapphire believes that a solid color never goes out of fashion and this blue attire with an abundance of white accents over the whole shirt is just perfect for university going girls. With a hint of a pink hue in the form of roses on sleeves and a roman pattern border, the contrast makes the dress shine among the other pieces.

Sapphire also makes it possible for their customers to easily access their clothing in-store or through their online platform. Sapphire Online Clothing Store offers you


Crafted on the finest materials, a range of gorgeous prints and embroideries to make your wardrobe summer perfect. Sapphire Ready to Wear range which includes Printed Solid Colored, Ready To Wear Outfits, Matching Separates, Scarves, Dupattas, Luxury Pret

Sapphire also offers you Embroidered silk Tunics and Bottoms such as Printed Trousers, Embroidered Trousers, cotton Trousers, Silk Pants.


This season makes a statement with Sapphire's essential range of t-shirts, and pair them with your favorite denim – we have them in all cuts and fits, especially for you. In Sapphire west you can find Jumpsuits, Dresses, Jeans, Shirts & Blouses, T-shirts, Blazer, Pants, Skirts, Scarves, Tights and in men’s western Chinos, Shirts, Denim.


Sapphire offers you a from a collection that fits well, is comfortable and versatile for men. Sapphire menswear in eastern includes kurtas, kurta Shalwar, waistcoat, bottoms & unstitched.


Sapphire Boys western has shirts, t-shirts, Polo’s, denim, pants & shorts to choose from

Sapphire girls western dresses let’s you choose from T-shirts, blouses, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shorts, Denim, pants, tights. In boys eastern Sapphire has a range of kurtas, kurta shalwar, waistcoats, trousers and in girls it has a range of kurtas, trousers and diverse outfits to choose from.


It’s time to kick winters to the curb and bag up a few hot accessories. This season, streets are popping big bags and sleek silhouettes.

With matching heels and shoes, Sapphire offers you a wide range In women’s bags such as tote bags, clutches, wallets, & cross body bags. In Men, Sapphire offers you wallets & in men’s shoes if offers Kolapuri, slides and loafers.


Sapphire not only wants you to look good and stunning but also has a lot in store for your home as well. Sapphire has a range of products that can make your home appear as beautiful as you are. You can find beautiful range of Anti-viral Bed Sets, bed sheets, fitted sheets, quilt covers, cushion covers, fillings. Sapphire also has a very attractive range in towels which include face towels, hand towels, bath towels, bath robes, baby towels for your little one. Sapphire also has Table linen, Table Runners, Table Covers, Placemat, Napkins. There is something special about climbing into bed and snuggling into fresh, comfy bedding after a long day! And that is why Sapphire offers you such an extensive and attractive range for you as well as your home.


From natural to dramatic, the magic of makeup is unquestionable. Sapphire understands the love of cosmetics and let’s you choose from face products that blend perfectly with your skin tone or intense eye makeup that will accent the shape of your eyes, Sapphire brings it all in one convenient location. Be it an office look or an evening dinner look, you can get it all when you choose from a vast array of Sapphire Cosmetics? At sapphire you can find cosmetics for your Face, Lips, Eyes, Makeup Tools sapphire also take care of your fragrances by letting you choose from their Body Mists & perfumes.

Sapphire is one of the most established names in the textile industry, With large stores situated in over 15 different cities of Pakistan and exceeding 23 in numbers,

Its products are exported to over 35 destinations around the globe. It employs more than 16,000 people.


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