Polka Dots - Girls Pret Shirts Online Kurti Tops Pants Western Brand

Oct 20 , 2020


Polka Dots - Girls Pret Shirts Online Kurti Tops Pants Western Brand


Looks the best when its on you!

PolkaDots is a Pakistani clothing brand that specializes in women’s apparels and accessories. PolkaDot is perfect for women who like a western touch in our traditional wear. PolkaDots also provides clothing range men, boys and girls. PolkaDots has further introduced its range to jeans, tights, pants, salwar, sweaters, long shirts, scarfs and other knitwear. PolkaDots is a new emerging brand in Pakistan that has been gathering popularity due to diverse range of products they have to offer. At PolkaDots you can get the finest quality clothing and accessories at prices that are not heavy on the pocket.

Here’s a little history about how PolkaDots started:

“Asta Apparel” was the first shop set up by the business in Dolmen Mall Karachi in 2004. This label was later given to the wholesale department of the business that dealt with both Men & Women apparels.

In 2008, The first ever PolkaDots outlet was established also in Dolmen Mall Karachi. PolkaDots became a very popular retailer in Men & Women clothing. As the time passed by PolkaDots gained recognition more in women’s apparels and accessories so the owners decided to peruse this clothing line. PolkaDots not only provides you with the best appeals but it also designs them specially for you.

After the overwhelming response of Pakistani customers from the last two shops, the owners decided to do it big and launched a outlet of PolkaDots in Millennium Mall Karachi in March 2010. As a result, the outlet was a huge success. From there on the success story of PolkaDots started and In November 2010, Another PolkaDots outlet was launched in Saima Paari Mall, Karachi.

PolkaDots has been manufacturing clothing since 2011, PolkaDots is a Karachi based company which has a factory set up based in North Karachi Industrial Area.

Within a short amount of time the brand hit the road to success and now a significant amount of the company’s retail and wholesale items are being produced locally.

In 2011, the company established a factory to manufacture locally to fulfil the demands of the market. In 2012, seeing the demand of PolkaDots products in Punjab Company opened its first wholesale outlet in Anarkali Tower, Lahore.

Currently, the business has ten outlets all over Pakistan and a website which is selling online to local as well as

International customers, all with very co-operative staff members. And has a very wide variety of products available.

Over the passage of time, PolkaDots acquires better and more efficient ways to enhance their production. PolkaDots has their own panel of fashion designers who are in charge of designing products that meet the fashion trends and market demands. Due to this PolkaDots have a name in terms of quality and uniqueness.


PolkaDots has undoubtedly amazing products to offer to its customers. PolkaDots has diverse range of products in everything you could think of. It is a dream come true for true shopping lovers.

Finding the products, you love can be really hard to find sometimes but at PolkaDots you will always find something that you’ve always wanted. PolkaDots has an online shopping website for its customers too, so that you can browser and choose your favorite look and buy it with just a tap and Viola it’s delivered to your doorstep.

  • PolkaDots Women’s Wear:

PolkaDots has to offer variety of products in women’s clothing line such as women’s Kurtis, Embroidered wear, Prêt wear, Tights, Bell bottoms, Straight Pants, Denims, Western tops and T-shirts. PolkaDots also has a cozy and cute range of sleepwear. The sleepwear has been really appreciated by the customers due to the high level of comfort the high-quality fabric of PolkaDots provides.

  • PolkaDots Girl’s Wear:

PolkaDots has absolutely adorable and cute clothing range when it comes to girls. You can dress up your princess in Kurtis, Western tops, pants, Denims and T-shirts from PolkaDots. The age range that you can get these products are from 11 to 15 years. You can also find some most adorable and beautiful clothing range for your princesses of age 2 to 6 too.

  • PolkaDots Men’s Wear:

As we all know, PolkaDots specializes in Women’s clothing but they have some eye-catching clothing range in Men’s T-shirts & Shirts.

  • PolkaDots Boy’s Wear:

PolkaDots has some really cool and quality clothing wear for boys too in which you can find T-shirts, Shirts for your prince.

  • PolkaDots Fall Collection:

Fall and winter is just around the corner and the most awaited collection of PolkaDots the fall collection is out now. Fall and Winter collection means something luxurious, dark and cozy. With the all new PolkaDots Fall Collection you are all set to slay this season.

  • PolkaDots Velvet Collection:

PolkaDots has the most breathtaking and astonishing velvet collection that you can never find anywhere. PolkaDots has the most luxurious Velvet Kurtis in the colors that will make you go crazy like black, green and red. PolkaDots also has off shoulder tops to make you feel even more confident in the attire that you choose to wear. PolkaDots has brilliantly played with new and trendy designs on the Velvet fabric that will surely make heads turn when you walk embracing the attire.

  • PolkaDots Western Women’s Collection:

PolkaDots provides you with the most eye-catching western clothing range. PolkaDots has the catchiest graphic tees that you cannot help but buy them the moment you get your eyes on them. PolkaDots lace t-shirts are to die for. They add such beauty to your outfit that you can’t help but adore yourself. PolkaDots also has the new trendy stripes look in the tops which the most vibrant colors like yellow that will make you appear absolutely breathtaking. Denim off shoulder T-shirts will surely make you look confident and not everyone can pull of this look but if you do you are the star. Another trending rivet top can be found at PolkaDots.

  • PolkaDots Pants Collection:

PolkaDots has the most unique pants collection for women of Pakistan. You can find every print, every fabric, every type of pant that matches your style and taste. PolkaDots can offer you a wide range of products and Designs in Pants such as bow pants, denim straight pants, straight pants, salwar, bell Bottoms, denim tights, button up bell Bottoms, stripe pants, ripped jeans, stripped jeans, pearl jeans, camouflage pants, culottes and still much more. You can visit the online store to surf your perfect pant. One thing is for sure that you will definitely find something worth your taste and money at PolkaDots.

  • PolkaDots Girls Collection:

PolkaDots Girls Collection is filled with vibrancy and floral print that will surely make your little girl look like a princess. The adorable floral print tops from PolkaDots are a must buy. Keeping in mind the trend of 2020, like mother like daughter PolkaDots also has velvet tops for girls it has to offer for women. PolkaDots loves Denim, and has really new and trendy designs in girl’s denim tops.

If you want to dress up in a western attire with a hint of ethnic wear PolkaDots is the place to be. The diversity and variety it has to offer on the product range of Women is unbelievable. This is the sole reason why PolkaDots has been popular in such a small span of time.

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