Outfitters - New Styles, Trends And Fashion in Pakistan

Oct 10 , 2020


Outfitters - New Styles, Trends And Fashion in Pakistan

Outfitters is a fashion brand created specially for the youth. Outfitters is created to celebrate the spirit of youth in Pakistan. Outfitters is a way of indulging in the latest lifestyle trends a style which means to express yourselves. Outfitters is inspired by all the young generation which love music, technology and social network.

Outfitters has separate clothing range in order to meet the demands of men, women and juniors in every segment of their life.

 Outfitters offer you a complete look and loves to see you Dress up from head to toe and that being the reason Outfitter’s product range also includes a wide array of footwear, accessories and fragrances, making it a one-stop high-street destination for all western wear wardrobe demands.

Outfitters has always been able to produce a fashion that is trend setting, unique and flexible. Outfitters provided you with fashion all year along whether it be summer or winters, Outfitters has also something in the stores just for you. Outfitters is known to be a trend setter when it comes to designing a wearable fashion in the shortest possible time for a collection that is fun, vibrant, and expressive.

Outfitters is a retailer that has been successful in marketing western clothing to Pakistani men, but has had to open a localized clothing brand to succeed in the female apparel market.

Outfitters started off with a bold idea, to provide the United States and Europe like clothing for Pakistan’s young and middle-class centers which have a demand of Western clothing. Outfitters is seeking to serve that niche grew well in the middle class which raised the Outfitters importance. Outfitters claims to be the largest retail stores that focuses on western clothing for the country’s urban youth. Outfitters proudly is considered to be closest to Zara. Outfitters is a fast Fashion forward brand for young people to feel confident in. In a country rapidly urbanizing and with a rapidly growing middle class, Outfitters’ core business model should be a recipe for success. Yet over the past five years, about half its growth in stores and revenue has come from Ethnic, a brand it launched in 2011 to sell Pakistani-style women’s apparel.

In 2013, OUTFITTERS launched “ETHNIC BY OUTFITTERS” the much-awaited women’s only brand that has received big love by its valued customers. As a brand closely connected to our roots Outfitters made sure that our women truly embrace the essence of their ethnic beauty and lead the way.

Established in Lahore in the designer ready-to-wear brand, Ethnic by Outfitters, has come to be versatile yet powerful casual wear for both men and women. Known for our use of experimental textiles, vibrant prints, and detailed craftsmanship, Ethnic by Outfitters has inspired numerous brands in Pakistan while constantly evolving and expanding the product line we still rule hearts of our loyal customers

The reason for Ethnic’s launch and growth was that middle class people somehow prefer their Traditional attire more than the western one and Outfitters takes care of both the people with different mindsets.

A factor acknowledged by the company’s founder, Kamran Khursheed.

“We had been observing since the inception of our brand, that the sales in women’s wear were much lower than our sales in menswear,” said Khursheed, in an interview with The Express Tribune in 2011. “The trend is understandable given that many young girls don’t get permission to wear western clothing [from their families]. Therefore, we wanted to offer a range that is ‘cool’ and trendy, yet eastern, so their families don’t have an issue with their attire.”

The additional of Ethnic wear for women’s clothing was considered to be culturally acceptable and reflect a huge amount in the company’s revenues. Men’s clothing accounts for the lion’s share of sales, followed by children’s clothing, sold through a third brand called Outfitters Junior, launched in 2008, followed by women’s apparel.

Outfitters was established in 2003, and today even after 17 years Outfitters is meeting the public demands and hence popular in the youngsters of Pakistan as well as adults. Due to increase in popularity, Outfitters has successfully set up 120+ stores across 20 cities in Pakistan as well as, a rapidly growing online store, all of which have been carefully merchandised to meet the needs of their customers, allowing them to build a wardrobe that expresses them and their personal style. Outfitters currently operates a total of 60 stores across 17 cities in Pakistan and one in Dubai, and Ethnic now has 27 stores across the country. Over the past five years, the company has opened 34 stores, half of which are Ethnic stores, according to Abdul Malik, the Chief Operating Officer of Outfitters Stores, the holding company for both brands.

Khursheed founded the company in his house and pumped its growth all the way to becoming the recognizable brand that it is today with virtually no debt on its balance sheet. Outfitters strategy is dependent on offering chic clothing at prices affordable to most of Pakistan’s urban middle class.

Outfitters is able to control it’s pricing as Outfitters relies on in-house production for the vast majority of its products. More than 80% of the Outfitters manufacturing and logistics are done on house.

Outfitters promises you good value for money and thus Outfitters is efficient in manufacturing quality of design. Outfitters appear to have an unusual mix of confidence and paranoia when it comes to their competition. Outfitters considers everyone and no one to be their competitor.

Outfitters aim to provide the best customer shopping experience and ambience. Outfitters believe that success comes from ambition and the level of ambition needed for a brand to succeed can only come when operated and monitored themselves.

Outfitters in pages cities are changing the shopping habits of consumers. Outfitters provide store sizes from an average of 2,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet, with some of its flagship stores as large as 20,000 square feet each and opening locations in malls or relocating some of its stores to malls with high foot traffic.

Outfitters also lets you buy it’s urban youth designs online and hence Outfitters is gearing up for the rise of e-commerce in Pakistan. In addition to selling clothes directly through its own website, the company is also partnering with Daraz.pk, Pakistan’s largest online retailer, to sell its products. Outfitters offers you hefty discount and sales when it comes to a traditional day or seasons like summer and winters. Outfitters biggest sale of the year is live now and they have been sold out on most of their iconic attires. Outfitters online invites you to look at their look book plus lets you play with the colors and prints that suits your styles the best. Outfitters understands how busy the young generation of Pakistan is that is why it has all under one roof for a young Pakistani man or woman. Outfitters online gives you a wide range from T-shirts, jeans, shirts, trousers, chinos, belts, shoes, accessories, sunglasses and fragrances.

If you love wearing western dresses with a hint of east and which are not heavy on the Pocket then Outfitters Is the one to choose. Outfitters will surely make our young men and women look fashion forward and confident in their apparels.

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