LimeLight - Women Casual & Formal Pret Unstitched Hand Bags Fragnances Bottoms Scarves Accressories Shoes Girls Winter Arrival LimeLight Mens

Oct 21 , 2020


LimeLight - Women Casual & Formal Pret Unstitched Hand Bags Fragnances Bottoms Scarves Accressories Shoes Girls Winter Arrival LimeLight Mens


LimeLight is one of the leading fashion retail brands in Pakistan. Limelight creates a fusion of traditional and trendy clothing that is unique and caters fashionistas of all ages. Limelight is here to provide high quality products at affordable prices that meet the ever-changing fashion trends. Launched in 2010, with 65 outlets across Pakistan and an online store like no others. Limelight has high quality eye-catching fabric that leaves everyone wanting more.

As the season is changing, it is time to refresh and add new pieces to your wardrobe. If you are true fashionista you know that there is nothing like going on a shopping spree! As the heat is reducing, Limelight has introduced its Unstitched Cambric Collection that is a perfect choice for midseason. The fabric is comfortable and ideal to wear in this changing weather. Comprising of bright, bold and vibrant colors, the collection is an absolute attention grabber for everyone.

Online clothes shopping trend has immensely increased in the pandemic times, and women prefer to buy online. Limelight offer you no problems such as size issues in ready to wear clothes, unstitched is a safe and easier option to shop through its online website where you can buy it all. Limelight offers you a diverse product range which includes Unstitched, Prêt, Western Wear, Shoes and Accessories. The product portfolio further extends to Kids Prêt and Men’s Eastern Wear.

Everyone has their own personal color favorite and style preference when it comes to dressing up. Some like to wear it bold while other like to tone it down a bit. Limelight offer you all. Limelight has something for everyone in store. You can shop from decent and sheer elegance looks to bright prints look unique and enchanting too.

Be ready to steal the limelight with mesmerizing fabrics and drool worthy prints! All that your buy from the unstitched collection will ensure you stunning looks and stylish outfits!

All About Limelight Unstitched Cambric Collection 2020:

It is the time to add new pieces in new your wardrobe before the winter arrives. As we know in winter usually darker tones are preferred like black, grey and blues, hence it’s a good idea to invest in bright colors before the midseason weather goes away.

Cambric Collection 2020 is infused with rich colors and deep tones presenting a eye-catching prints

  • Unique printed shirts and suits

Limelight has launched its new collection in which designs are filled with uniqueness and imagination. The new collection features printed shirts and suits that are mesmerizing and have a bright variety of colors to choose from. Limelight wants you to dress up and carry the outfit so this collection is Unstitched, so that you can stich it the way you’ve always wanted it to be. You can put a personal spin on these designs by getting it stitched according to your own preference and styles.

  • 2-pc suits with chiffon dupattas:

The all new two-piece unstitched cambric suits are paired with chiffon dupattas which makes it a whole new unique collection. With the shirt fabric being slightly thicker, it is ideal to pair them with chiffon dupattas. The 2-pc suits are breezy, lightweight and comfortable for this type of weather. limelight has introduced a new range of range pallets for every design so that you can have more options to choose from.

  • Limelight Prêt collection:

Limelight offers you a variety of designs and colors in its Pret collection. Limelight has new embroidered lawn shirts, Pret- suits, Short Kurtis and Prêt trousers for you too choose from.

  • Limelight Unstitched Collection:

Limelight has a really amazing and wonderful Unstitched Collection which allows you to own the outfit and wear it the way you prefer it. In Limelight Unstitched collection you can choose designs according to your style.

  • Limelight Winter Collection:

Limelight has launched its most awaited collection of winter. Limelight Winter Collection is a blend of dark tones like black, grey and even some lighter tones with dark toned prints on them to cool them down. You can shop from Winter cotton shirts, 2-pc khaddar suit, 3-pc Embroidered Winter suits, and 2-pc jacquard suit this winter and create a whole new Fashion statement.

  • Limelight Formal Collection:

Limelight has some really pleasing and vibrant formal collection. You can shop from embroidered new suits, embellished net suit, Missouri suits, Velvet shirts and suits and much more. You can simply visit the Limelight online store to browse through the designs limelight has to offer you and pick the one that suits you the best.

  • Limelight Pert for Girls & Teens

Limelight had the most adorable and beautiful pret wear for girls. You can shop from some of the most unique and pretty suits and shirts for your princess. At limelight you can find embroidered shimmer chiffon shirts, lawn shirts, flared T-shirts and even plain T-shirts.

  • Limelight Western Collection

Limelight has a perfect blend of traditional and western dresses for you to choose from. You can get the trendiest tops at limelight. Limelight has shoulder tops, printed grip top, stripe top, frilled cotton top and much more.

  • Limelight Accessories

Limelight knows that Accessories and jewelry are important to pull off a look complete. You can find some of the most unique Accessories at Limelight.

  • Limelight Women Hand Bags:

Limelight has diverse range of products when it comes to bags, Limelight has vibrant colors in knotted handbags, two toned handbags, quilt design handbag, Metallic finished handbags and mini handbags.

  • Limelight jewelry:

Limelight has the trendiest and eye-catching Accessories. You can shop for hairclips, necklaces, earrings such as studs, ball earings and much more at Limelight.

  • Limelight Scarves

Limelight has the most vibrant toned scarves which you cannot find anywhere. Limelight has all sorts of fabrics and designs like chiffon, net cotton in Scarves so that you can choose the one you love.

Looking for affordable online clothing? Limelight is the one stop shop:

Limelight offers convenience and ease for everyone. Limelight is a one stop shop for all your needs. You can complete your outfit, from dupattas, trousers and accessories, shop everything you wish for! Limelight has clothing sales all around the year so keep looking out for them to grab the best steal prices and exciting discounts!

Limelight has been the go-to solution for Pakistani women for years and still continues to be. Limelight offer you such a affordable price range in some of the most amazing prints that you won’t Believe. You can shop for limelight collections online easily. Explore the collection, add your favorite design to your shopping carts and check out to place an order.

Limelight continues their legacy by expanding their horizons into existing and new markets to make good quality fashion accessible for local and international customers.

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