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Oct 01 , 2020


KHAADI - Khaadi Home - Khaadi Unstitched Lawn - Khaadi Kurti -Khaadi New Arrivals - - Khaadi Official Online Store

We have all probably seen the luxury and attractive ethnic wear khaddi has to offer. Today we will be giving you, and insight about how Khaadi got it’s name, how this tradition was established, and what new Khaadi has in store for us in 2020.


Khaadi is a leading fashion retail brand offering ethnic wear, home & fashion accessories, fragrances, skin and hair solutions for women and children. Khaadi has established a tradition in its self by providing luxury and high quality ethnic wear for people all over the globe.

Khaadi pioneers new fashion which is inspired by people all around the world. Khaadi introduces fabulous ethnic wear for all age groups in women with a perfect fusion of traditional designs with elegant prints. Khaadi not only masters in producing high-quality ethnic wear but also serves you with western cuts to cater to modern women.

Khaadi also offer a diverse range of accessories, skincare products, bedding, cushions and table wear. Khaadi is one of its kind brand that is adored by every Pakistani women.

Since its inception, due to its diversity and attractive prints Khaadi had earned the #01 spot in highest selling clothing brand in Pakistan in no time. Khaadi never fails to amaze you with its collection whether it is for summer or winters, Khaadi always has something that meets the eye.

Khaadi has a worldwide loyal fan base of its unique collections showcasing vibrant tones and eye catching prints along with a fusion of traditional and contemporary silhouettes.

Khaadi’s Major Collections

  • Khaadi Lawn Collection
  • Khaadi Khaas Collection
  • Khaadi Pret Collection
  • Khaadi Kurti Collection

What Khaadi has in stores for us in 2020.

Khaadi has a diverse range in stitched and unstitched collection that is updated seasonally all around the year to its customers.

It’s 2020 and Khaadi is the trend setter when it comes to launch a collection that becomes a fashion statement in no time.

Let’s talk about this year’s Khaadi spring and summer lawn collection that has left all their customers and fashionistas in a state of awe.

Khaadi Spring/Summer Collection

Khaadi lawn collection is further divided into two categories that are ‘Tropical Escape’ and ‘Classics.’

The Khaadi Spring/Summer collection contains two pieces and three pieces unstitched suits made up of high quality Lawn, Jacquard and Soft Chiffon complementing the weather of spring and summer.

The Tropical Escape category is all about bright yet rich color palette with a bunch of flowers, intricate wines, bold leaves fused with stripes and geometric patterns.

While the Classics category displays a more ethnic and more traditional concept of spring and summer.

Khaadi classics category shows soft pastels, rich floral prints and gem tones. Khaadi’s recent collection almost has a Beachy and tropical vibe to it that compliment everyone.

 When we imagine vibrantly we think of colors like blue, green, and yellow. Well, the good news is Khaadi has all of these in stores as well as online for you to shop with their signature blend of pastel colors plus the fabrics majorly used are chiffon, lawn, jacquard, etc.

The top selling of Khaadi Spring Collection are embroidered lawn shirts with plain lawn shalwar, plus printed chiffon dupattas and you can also spot plain printed variety in the collection as well.

As by the name suggests Khaadi’s Spring, Summer collection is inspired by blooming flowers and rich vibrant colors to make you shine. Khaadi’s collection is inspired but nature which absolutely makes you look stunning when wore in sunlight and even at night. This collection is great for young women and girls which love to dress up and look pretty.


We have gathered up some of your favorite and most trendy prints from Khaadi Spring/Summer collection 2020.From unstitched to Pret wear, from Khaadi Khas to accessories, the most loved collection is their unstitched one. That is because it gives you the chance put your spin on it and own it the way you want it. Some of the eye catching prints are;


Pink is the most loved color when it comes to women wear and don’t you think pink just screams femininity?

Khaadi has these pretty pink short kameez paired with trendy tulip shalwar, giving you a elegant yet trendy look.


These prints are perfect for girls who like to wear it bold.

Khaadi launched theses prints with unique stitching style shirt with simple plain trouser.

Want to add a wow factor to your dress? Khaadi has all these bold and stunning jewelries that always adds more to your personality.


Solid colors specially from Khaadi! On God girl you are going to steal everyone’s attention.

The solid textured kurta is a trend that never goes off the trend and always comes back with a bang.

With this too you can add traditional jewelry and look like a absolutely diva.


Khaadi offers you short kurta that can be paired with your favorite color giving you a perfect monochrome yet trendy look.

This chic look can be achieved by pairing it with your favorite colored jeans or trouser.


And lastly, here is the typical Pakistani fresh summer look that every girl and woman can carry.

This gives you a traditional look Tints of gold and tailored flares will add perfection to your summer dresses.




Established and founded in 1998 and the chief  Executive Officer, Shamoon Sultan, Khaadi has been on the top since then. With an unparalleled retail network; currently holding over 480,000 square feet of exquisitely designed and well spread out brick-and-mortar stores; 52 different outlets located all over the country in 18+ cities of Pakistan, Khaadi is brand which has a name internationally, owning over 21 stores in countries like UAE, UK, Qatar and Bahrain. Khaadi is a hot to brand for millions of Pakistani women. This chic look can be achieved by pairing it with your favorite colored jeans or trouser. Khaadi adopts a global outlook for capturing market trends and combines the exceptional beauty of East and West.

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