elo - Export Left Over - elo Sale Rs 99 - Low & Affordable Prices - Online Shopping in Pakistan

Oct 16 , 2020


elo - Export Left Over - elo Sale Rs 99 - Low & Affordable Prices - Online Shopping in Pakistan

elo - Export Left Over

Passing time? On a product-hunt? Just passing through? Regardless, we’ve got something for you!

ELO is an emerging online shopping platform that provides its customers with diverse range of discounted and affordable products. It is a one-stop solution where you can get each and every essential for your family. From trendy outfits to cozy ones, from quirky accessories to cool ones, from the most stylish boots and shoes to the most comfy ones, and not to forget all the playable toys your kids have ever wanted, are now all just a click away. ELO is becoming popular among people because for the incredible and unbelievable prices it offers on the products. You can get the product you are looking for just as low as Rs.99.

At ELO you can have all that you have dream of at low prices. You can shop for Traditional attires, Shirts & Polo’s for men, their trousers & pants, Shoes and watches. For women you can find

ELO has high quality branded products at a relatively low price. ELO has various product that can be easily bought with just one click. ELO features a brand named Polo Republica which offers you diverse range of products in the clothing line for the whole family. It had new and diverse range of products for men, women and kids as well as you home named PR home accessories.

ELO promotes and supports Pakistan’s local brands and also takes care of the need of imported products & toys. ELO includes ranges products from all the high-quality toys.

ELO also offer a diverse range of accessories, skincare products, bedding, cushions and table wear. ELO allows you to shop at the comfort of your home with a number of benefits and irresistible deals. People are turning to ELO because of the low prices and discounts it has offer. You can get great products as low as for 99 rupees only.

Along side western clothing products, ELO promotes and supports Pakistani Traditional attire and also provided you with Ethnic wear. You can get Kurtis for both men & women and even Traditional attires for you kids as well.

Covid-19 Essentials

During this pandemic, people are looking for products that are genuine and not heavy on the Pocket. ELO is just perfect for this. ELO have all the essentials required too keep you safe and secure for Covid-19 at very low prices. At ELO you can get face masks, customized face masks, face masks in various colors, surgical masks, hand sanitizers, pocket sanitizers, doctors uniform all these at low prices but the quality of the products are always high.

Polo Republica Men

ELO features a clothing brand named Polo Republica. Polo Republica provides the clothing line for both men & women. Polo Republica has high-quality fashion wear for everyone.

In men, Polo Republica offer you with diverse range of Polo’s, Casual Shirts, Desi wear, Sweat Shirts & Jackets, Trousers & Shorts, Socks and Watches, all at surprisingly low prices.

Polo Republica Women

In Polo Republica Women, you can find Tops, Kurtis, Lawn suits, Trousers & leggings, socks and watches. All these high-quality products just for women at excitingly new prices? Unbelievable right.

Polo Republica Kids

Everyone is careful for their kids and are conscious about the fabric their kids wear, The good news is that Polo Republica consumes high-quality fabric to make the clothing line for kids. You can find many high-quality products in Rompers, Tees, Sweat Shirts and Jackets, Casual Shirts, Desi wear, Trousers and Pants and other accessories for kids.

Polo Republica Home

Polo loves to see you and your family all dressed up and wants your home to feel the same way. Polo Republica offers you beautiful and breathtaking Bed Sheets and Blankets that will light up your whole room and high quality towels.

elo Sale Rs.99 and Below

This section of ELO is the most loved and exciting section. High-quality products under 99? No your not dreaming ELO has made this dream come true for everyone. The products which are trending are on sale right now and you can have them delivered it to your door step.

elo MEN

ELO offers you tees, Polo’s, casual shirts and office shirts and even Desi wear for men. You can also get Jeans & trousers sweat pants and shorts too all these at relatively low prices from everywhere.


For women, ELO has diverse range of products to choose from. New and trendy designs can be found in women’s tees, Polo’s & shirts, sweat shirts & jackets, Kurtis & lawn, jeans trousers & leggings and shoes & watches.


ELO offers you reliable beauty and health products to see you slowing and fresh.

elo HOME

ELO has new and fresh products for your home to make it come alive. ELO has a diverse range of bed sets, blankets, curtains, pillows & cushions, towels, chair & sofa covers, table linens and prayer mats. All these just for your home at affordable prices.

ELO also has breathtaking and beautiful decorations for your home such as clocks. ELO is a all rounder and also offers you kitchen appliances like Crockery, cleaning accessories and Electronics.

elo kids

Apart from Polo Republica ELO features many trusted brands in the clothing line for kids. From babies to all your grown-up kids ELO has something for all that catches the eye. In babies range you can find rompers, sleep suits & body suits, tops, shirts & jackets, dresses, Trousers, Leggings & jeggings. If you are shopping for your prince, you may find new and trendy clothes for boys which include tees, sweatshirts, jackets, casual & dress Shirts, Desi wear, Shorts, Trousers & jeans and Footwear. If you are shopping for your princesses, you can choose from tops, dresses & jackets, shorts, Trousers jeans and Footwear.


ELO has great love for kids for which ELO has toys, Eyewear & Watches for everyone plus hats, gloves & scarves and even bags. ELO has range of bags purses for you to choose from for any occasion, whether it be for school or for a party, ELO has ;all and everything at relatively low prices from everywhere.

You will be surprised to see how affordable and best ELO online shopping is as we got surprised when we first saw the website. Getting all products in less price and high quality is hard to find, but ELO has made it possible for you. Give it a go and enjoy shopping!


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