Daraz.pk - Pakistan's best online shopping store

Sep 15 , 2020


Daraz.pk - Pakistan's best online shopping store

Daraz is an online marketplace company which operates in markets of South Asia. It was founded in 2012 as an online fashion marketplace in Pakistan by Muneeb Maayr (Founder) & Farees Shah (Co-Founder)

Daraz.pk is one of the most popular and fastest-growing online market place in Pakistan. Daraz.pk aims to change the world of online shopping through advanced technology and artificial intelligence. Daraz's main goal is to yield customer satisfaction.

According to digital trends report for 2020, Daraz was one of the most number 1 ranked website on Google play store due to its focus on bring change in the online shopping industry and remain focused on the customer needs. Daraz’s top priority is to ensure that all the workers from every department are providing customers with a smooth and convenient online shopping experience.

Daraz.pk, Pakistan’s leading eCommerce portal that sells fashion online, With Daraz.pk online shopping in Pakistan has never been so easy. Because there is a wide variety of thousands of products available that include mobile, computing, home appliances, clothing, fashion and beauty products and much more. With good return and exchange policy Daraz.pk has successfully won the trust of customers looking for a reliable website for online purchasing in Pakistan.

In addition to categories such as electronics, clothing, mobiles & tablets, Daraz has also launched DFresh, where consumers can buy fresh fruits and vegetables online at discounted prices. Currently, this service is available in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and provides Express Delivery where the products get delivered the next day. This not only provides great convenience for customers but also provides them with items that are difficult to find in the local market such as berries, peppers and avocado.

Daraz Online Shopping is not just your virtual mall and online marketplace, but a community.

Daraz allows you to shop at the comfort of your home with a number of benefits and irresistible deals. Moreover, Daraz Mobile app which is available on smartphones and browse through the latest trends under a single roof.

Daraz let’s you add your favorite items in your wish list and makes your wishes come true. Daraz offers you with a unique feature in which it tells you when the price of your favorite item has dropped so that you can checkout at a much lower price without compromising on the quality and your choice. Daraz has also introduced its unique DarazMall, which features selected branded authorized sellers. Daraz Mall is a premium retail platform that has over 450 leading local and foreign brands that have established their official stores on the website. Those include L’Oréal, Unilever, Honda, Prince DFSK, Nabila Zero Makeup and Trendyol. Daraz has recently expanded its fashions collection by adding in 20 Turkish clothing brands. Now buyers can browser through foreign fashion from the comfort of their homes.

When it comes to these assorted product categories– some items have, such as winter coats, heaters, and air conditioners, have seasonal impacts on demand.

Even in some mishaps or bad situations, Daraz maintained its stability with such by meeting consumer demands. Daraz has an ever-growing customer base that stretches from the metropolitan city of Karachi’s to Punjab’s rural areas, all the way north to Azad Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Daraz’s customers are able to browse through the various assortments and the vast range of products available and find items that match their needs.

DEX: “The most important job in the company”

Daraz Express (DEX), Pakistan’s first digital firm exclusively built for online operations. Daraz only had 20 DEX distribution officers. Today, the organization hires 1,500 DEX Heroes, who wear their orange jackets every morning and head out to distribute parcels around the world.

Daraz also understands and encourages offline buyers to come to Daraz and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience. Buyers can browse products from many different sellers and check their ratings before placing their orders. Last year, Daraz introduced two new features; Photo reviews and Instant messages for the buyers to see the product alive and chat with the seller if they have any questions or inquiry.

Daraz has always kept it’s customers on top of the priority list and hence provides a user interface that is easy to use with exposure to innovative technologies to provide a better customer experience.

Daraz also has Brand vouchers which let’s you shop for your favorite brands with exciting discounts. Daraz also has a wide range of other discount vouchers like first purchase, purchase over 500, and purchase over 1000 which gives customer a sense of motivation and attraction and develops a need to buy more for customers.

The site has expanded emphasis on platforms–such as DMart, Dfamily, DStudent, and Daraz Mall -as opposed to categories. In other words, Daraz understands what the customer wants and figure out just what they’re looking for.

Recognizing the need for online pick-up shops,” Daraz has also opened 105 collection points in 19 cities and, as a result, expanded its physical pickup points for customers. One of the main goals of the company in 2020 is to further close the distance between online and offline and size collection points.

Daraz also provides it’s customers a trustworthy payment facility by collaborating with the leading banks for easy, safe and secure payments. Daraz introduced digital payment methods as a secure and easy option for customers which don’t own a bank account.

The most significant milestone Daraz has hit is Daraz Wallet. It is the smartest way to pay on the pay and the customer that can get way and quick refunds too with it. Over the past years the Daraz has seen a encouraging shift towards digital payments and payment through Daraz wallet. More than 50% of the purchases are done by Daraz Wallet.

Daraz has been able to ensure that customers remain safe from all fraud. The company also implements a strict purchase protection policy to assure customers of such protection. Daraz has assured, through its innovative practices, that consumer service remains a primary mission.Innovative service techniques–whether in the area of infrastructure, user management processes–are all oriented towards a single goal: to improve customer service. As a consequence, Digital 2020 study–which looked at developments in online shopping, internet and social media use–placed Daraz on the top 10 most-visited websites in the world.

Daraz was also awarded the Brand of the Year award by the Brands Foundation. Daraz is the country’s largest online marketplace. Daraz has hit two big milestones in the past year: Being the first site to sell the new Prince Pearl DFSK online, and the second was growing its product assortment to 10 million items in more than 100 categories.


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