Breakout - Men, Women, Girls, Boys & Kids Clothing Online Store

Oct 17 , 2020


Breakout - Men, Women, Girls, Boys & Kids Clothing Online Store


Breakout is a clothing brand in Pakistan that is renowned for its western wear in Pakistan since 2010. Breakout offers quality casual western ready to wear clothing for men, women and kids.

From the laid-back tailoring to the made-to-last quality, use of natural materials and responsible production, Breakout’s aspiration is to be the best casual fashion brand with an outstanding price-value proposition. Breakout knows how to add glamour and style to the fashion trend and this thing they know it very well.

Breakout captures market trends and newness in colors, quality fabrics and shapes, and expressing them in the effortless, relaxed and comfortable style. For every garment, Breakout pays maximum attention to fabric selection, fitting and perfect quality.

Breakout works on a basis of creativity and responsibility, fused with a mirroring New York street style. Breakout’s authenticity and easygoing styles are what captures the heart. Breakout has now become the fastest rising western wear brand in Pakistan

Breakout summer collection has launched and is of top-notch quality. Breakout has launched its clothing line for both boys and girls. These dresses are stylish and severe in their colors and pattern. This collection is consisting of western wear dresses such as jeans, tees, tights, Bermuda’s, trousers, , tops and so much more.

Breakout can serve you with the most stylish and eye-catching outfits that are guaranteed to make heads turn. At breakout you can find looks that go well in every occasion, may it be a party or a Wedding ceremony breakout has always something in store for you.

At breakout men you can find a diverse range of provide in sweaters jackets, sweatshirts, Polo’s, shirts, denim, trousers, shorts, joggers and new range of accessories to go with it like Caps & Hats, Watches, Glasses, Perfumes, Wallets, Belts, Shoes and bags.

At breakout women you can find a diverse range in shirts, tops, coats, jackets, uppers, shirts, tops, denim and trousers. In accessories Breakout had really eye catching jewelry, scarves, perfumes, glasses, belts and hats.

Breakout also offers you a high-quality clothing line for kids from 1-6 years and 6-12 years. You can find new and trendy designs in Polo’s, sweaters, shirts, bottoms, shoes, accessories for both your prince and princess. You can also find some really adorable accessories like baby caps, boys’ belts and even backpacks for them. For your princess you can find cute little accessories to dress her up with like cute cross body bags, character bags, scarfs, and even sequin bags to make her appear even more beautiful.

Breakout has a great name in the world of Fashion and designs therefore they launch beautiful, large looking collection which is according to the demand of the modern era. It's an old, experienced and one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan that have been going in our country.

Breakout has also recently launched a Winter Collection, which provides a series of latest western style apparels for all ages. Breakout has maintained it’s standard of quality over the last few years and has been in the trending list since.

For girls the breakout winter collection is a set of bright colors with beautiful cuts and amazing prints. From warm shrugs and classy jeans and jackets this winter it’s your time to shine. Breakout has this amazing line of pink hoodies that will make you look so pretty that you can’t even imagine. Pair them with some stalls and scarves and you are the next fashionista this winter.

For men the collection is not be taken lightly, Men’s collection has come up with a bang this year. From cool to man fleece collection, men can style up lush this winter. Breakout has also introduced double-sided jackets that come in all sizes and colors plus the material is comfy too. Not to forget the all new faux fur jackets, you can look super cool. Other than that the collection also comprises of denims and coats.

Breakout latest and modern Western wear collection are the advanced, stylish and elegant product. Breakout carries the unique and good-looking dress patterns which have just shocked the people.

Breakout has such a fashion line that makes you feel confident and comfortable when you wear it. Breakout likes to choose designs that are unique and eye-catching so that you can shine among the crowd.

Western Wear Dresses by Breakout consist of tops, shirts, jeans, T-shirts, tights and tops which have specially created according to the latest fashion trend in Pakistan.

Also, casual shoes are also available at Breakout outlets for its customers to wear with its clothing’s to further enhance the trendiness.

If you are a shoes lover, Breakout Is the place to go for you. Breakout has a shoes heaven in its stores for men. You can the find the trendiest sneakers in Breakout, Suede loafers, trainer joggers if you are a gym freak, slippers for the simple ones, casual shoes, mock shoes, men’s plimpsoll shoes and even high-quality flip flops. You can also come across some great collection of watches in Breakout.

For women, Breakout has eye-catching accessories. You will find all the new stuff here that will make you a trend setter. Breakout has a really beautiful range of footwear for women. You will find blush slides, all kinds of sandals like strappy sandals, transparent sandals. You will find bags that you’ve never seen before in every size, shape and color. Breakout also offer you diverse range of vibrant scarves for you to choose from. For the women who like to wear it classy, Breakout has some lush hats, perfumes for you to dress up and feel good.

Breakout has an online store which is a one stop solution for your whole family. You can shop all your favorite looks with just one click and have them delivered at your door step.

At present the Breakout stores are situated in various major cities of Pakistan with many more outlets to be launched in others soon.

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